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Release Blitz: Awful Intentions by Elena Monroe

Awful Intentions by Elena Monroe
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Awful Intentions by Elena Monroe
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Title: Awful Intentions (The Celestials Bodies #2)
Author: Elena Monroe
Genre: Mystery/Fantasy New Adult Romance
Release Date: 22 May 2020



I didn’t know I was so set on truths until I realized my whole life was a lie.

Being banished to Arcadia Prep.

The myths we though were just empty threats meant to iron out bad behavior.

All of it was a neatly packaged lie. 

Hell raged in the pit of my stomach and now we were free to wreak havoc on humanity.


The truth was simple: I was a good girl meant to heal the wounded and help uphold the truth.

I’m the one who tore the truth down. 

I stomped on it and set it on fire.

I did everything that didn’t add up to the me I cultivated.

I was a perfectly packaged lie.

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