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Sunday Confession – I Judge Books By Their Covers; Mostly I Drool.

JudgementI am very shallow when it comes to books. I see a pretty face and I’m all over it. Don’t get me wrong I’ve dated many books that were great who weren’t the most handsome or beautiful on the outside but I’m sure no one can debate the fact that when you are shopping the eye-stoppers are the ones that get you to read their stats and get their digits over that of the nice book with the bland cover every time. Don’t try to act like you have more depth than the rest of us–you are just as guilty as I am when it comes to a book with some gloss and smart design. If it’s dressed up like someone took care with it and spent time getting it ready you can tell and you can’t help but look, even if you ARE happy with the book you are currently reading at the moment. Readers don’t mate for life with the books we meet so no one holds it against us when we slut ourselves around from book to book so don’t worry, peeps, no one is going to shame you for doing what comes natural. Look at those covers, baby!

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Book It – In News Today: You Need A Need So Insatiable!

A Need So Insatiable Release Day

CeCe Robert rocks socks with this new New Adult/Adult Romance and it is so, so sexy, sizzle, slam dunk in the sheets that it will burn your fingertips while you compulsively turn pages! Sophie and Rafael will quickly become one of your favorite couples and their story will crawl into your dreams–or at least that was my issue last night. You will swoon, pant and fan yourself for this naughty broken hero and want to raise your glass for this kickass heroine! Go buy this new release, you are not allowed to do anything else until you do it! Hey! Where are you goin’?! I said not allowed to do anything else! Get your ass to Amazon!


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Book It, Giveaways

Book It – In News Today – Prepare to Be Insatiable!


Cecilia Robert’s long awaited New Adult Romance is due to be released in a short few days. The novel, A Need So Insatiable, is the love story between Sophie Fisher and passionate musician Rafael Van Rees. As Cecilia’s romantic style has attested to in her previous books her love stories are filled with deep devotion and undeniable attraction with a sweetest hint of sorrow to ground the lovers in the realm of here and now. A Need So Insatiable will be a book you will be telling your friends about!

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Morning Tea with the Author – Cecilia Robert

cece4Cecilia Robert has already had success with her young adult paranormal Soul Collector series debut, Reaper’s Novice in 2011 and then a contemporary romance, Truly, Madly, Deeply, You this past year and is getting ready to find her home in yet one more genre with Homecoming, a steampunk cum paranormal adult romance. I had an incredible opportunity to ask her a couple questions, which she then indulged me to ask a lot more. This was a great chat and I think I picked her brain to the point where I could probably write parts of her first Cloaked Devices book now. =)

Thanks so much, Cecilia!

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