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Book Review: A Loser’s Revenge by Tammi Lynn

A Loser's Revenge by Tammi Lynn
A Loser's Revenge by Tammi Lynn
A Loser’s Revenge by Tammi Lynn

Title: A Loser’s Revenge
Author: Tammi Lynn
Genre: Enemies to Lovers, Reverse Harem
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

What is the worst betrayal? Some would say its betraying yourself, but for Barretta, it was having the three people she loved most at age thirteen hold her down, in front of the entire school, and humiliate her after telling her they loved her. That betrayal changed her whole life, and she was never the same after that. She left a week later and started over, started planning revenge.

Nine years later, it’s time to pay-up, and she’s loosey-goosey got plans to make them hurt so she can have closure and indeed start a new chapter. She’s enrolled in their college, knows their classes, has a key to their house, and knows where they will be.

Sounds creepy, and it is, but Barry/Bibi rationalizes a lot, and you start cheering for her success. Stockholm syndrome in book-form. By the time she starts falling for her bullies, and they for her, you are so confused about who you want to be mad at–and angry for–the story gets a little bogged down.

Axel is always a wiener; you won’t be rooting for him ever.

There were so many things I started asking myself about how Barry pulled off her mysterious BS with the guys. They never learn her last name when they are always showing up where she is: her work, class with her; if the guys are so eager to solve the ‘who is this girl?’, why couldn’t they ask someone? I mean, my mom would say, ‘Well, Ali, because it’s not in the script,’ but that seems like that would have happened. And Axel would have been creepo followed her twenty-four-seven at some point because got so obsessed.

Whateves! My mom’s right, it wasn’t written like that. But it drove me insane, and that is some of the things that burnt me and lowered the rating. There were also a lot of punctuation errors that kept driving me nuts. I generally don’t review whinge about punctuation, but this was throughout the book and had me mentally correcting them, and it kept bouncing me out of the narrative when I saw it.

All-in-all, this is your basic RH, Bully Romance, and I have no complaints in it hitting those markers. I uber love the cover. It’s what initially caught my eye when I saw the book. Kudos to the artist.

A Loser's Revenge by Tammi Lynn
A Loser’s Revenge by Tammi Lynn

About Tammi Lynn:

Tammi Lynn is an Arizona native and has three boys and one girl, one human and three feline. When she’s not working at her full time job or writing she can be found in the backyard in a hammock reading, going on an adventure with her son or just chilling and hanging out with friends and family.

She’s knew to the Author and publishing world and is hoping to write many more books to come in a few different genres. Having always wanted to write a book and taking so long to do it she is a firm believer in never giving up on your dreams, they might just be delayed in coming to you.

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