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Book Review: Ravage by Lacey Carter Andersen

Ravage by Lacey Carter Andersen
Ravage by Lacey Carter Anderson
Ravage by Lacey Carter Andersen

Title: Ravage (Royal Fae Academy #1)
Author: Lacey Carter Andersen
Genre: Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There is being a badass and just being a bad character, and in Ravage, Esmeray is often a poorly written character who has crossed that fine line. 

Revere introduces us to Esmeray and her mates: Bron Drake, Lucian Silver, and Dwade Luther… 

–Dwade is still a nonsense name in my book and far from sexy. Should we Dwade into the swamp? Dwading in lakes is far better. See, that is what comes to mind when I hear Dwade. /tangent–  

…And we learn about the sexy, no-no-relationship situation the three men are keeping from Rayne and Esmeray; no one knows that Esmeray is their mate. But now Rayne has been murdered, and Esmeray is at the Royal Fae Academy, and keeping the sexy Dark Fae from doing what comes naturally to her without spilling their guts is proving impossible to Bron, Lucian, and Dwade. 

Okay, I wouldn’t say I like this book, half the plot goes awry early on. Ravage’s relationship drama is all dumb. It’s so contrived and frustrating; I wanted to eat my Kindle. I loved the guys, but I loathe Esmeray, she’s unlikeable much of the time with her tantrums and fits, I had a hard time understanding what, other than a biological urge, the mates saw in her. 

And this really bummed me out because I had high hopes having read Revere. I expected a steamy romp in Paranormal Romanceville, where I would get more Bron–who I am book boyfriending, and advancement in the mystery of Rayne. What happened? Ravage was okay but not at the same level as Revere. 

Shame on everything. I am saddened, get me chocolate.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary advance copy of this book.

Ravage by Lacey Carter Anderson
Ravage by Lacey Carter Andersen

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