Book Review: Deadly Pretenses by Angelique Snowden

Deadly Pretenses by Angelique Snowden
Deadly Pretenses by Angelique Snowden
Deadly Pretenses by Angelique Snowden

Title: Deadly Pretenses
Author: Angelique Snowden
Genre: Horror, Paranormal, Romance
My rating:
4 of 5 stars

Wow! AHS meets Kelly Creagh’s Nevermore Series meets good ol’ Southern ghost legends.

When shhh gets weird, you know you ain’t in Chicago anymore. The chip on Colette’s shoulder is pretty epic-sized about the move, and what’s worse is that she sees the ghost of the girl who once lived in her house immediately upon arriving. Genesis Long died in a terrible car crash and wanders Savannah, Georgia, searching for her love Sebastian Campbell. Compounding all weirdness is Colette’s inexplicably drawn to Sebastian’s brother, Abel, and he is fascinated by her.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book with some caveats; the author actively regulates the hints and facts she gives out by using the character’s storytelling, which sometimes feels like the author doesn’t know where she is going with the narrative. When someone continually tells you that they can’t tell you something yet, you have to wonder if it’s that you can’t know it yet or they don’t know it yet, which was what was rattling around my head in the book because there were times when the story took strange shifts that seemed ill-conceived.

The ghost story is a lot of fun, though–well, creepy fun. There are other supernatural things that occur and creatures that you meet; I wasn’t sure if I was entirely on board while reading, and I don’t know if I am now that I’ve finished. I wouldn’t say I liked the ending. I wish there were another direction that we were heading. I hope what the author is lining up is something else, and she writes something far different than what this ending supposes.

Augh, read it and see, I can’t wait for the next book despite my whinging.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary advance copy of this book.

Deadly Pretenses by Angelique Snowden
Deadly Pretenses by Angelique Snowden

About Angelique Snowden:

Angelique Snowden is an emerging author of paranormal romance and horror novels. She lives in Illinois with her husband, three children, and a slew of animals. When she’s not busy writing stories for her fans to devour, she can be found watching scary movies, attending a rock concert or classic car show, or enjoying a glass of sweet wine.

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