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Book Review: Big Bad Claws by Michele Mills

Big Bad Claws by Michele Mills
Big Bad Claws by Michele Mills
Big Bad Claws by Michele Mills

Title: Big Bad Claws (Fever Brothers #2)
Author: Michele Mills
Genre: Alien Romance
Rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read Big Bad Claws and immediately went and one-clicked three other first in series this author wrote, so it’s safe to say I liked it.

Lila is a shut-in. She is the heir to her family’s business ventures, but she certainly isn’t ready to join society. She’s happy with her little world with her house staff and her cats. Lila would happily leave the family business to the other members of her family. And all would be well if an “ethical” assassin didn’t warn her that someone wanted her dead and then escaped her of the planet to a “safer” place. Now she is lost, in the open, under the outdoors, in a strange land, without protection.

Big Bad Claws is a touch of the Seven Dwarves, a little Goldilocks, and some Cinderella. More than all of that, this story is sweet and sexy. I love the thought and planning that Michele Mills put into the lore and mythology of her storytelling, and the worldbuilding is fantastic.

Margol Illibrium Xylan like Zayzon are sought after as mates on Minecorp’s Timbur location, and Claws is one of the most asked for, sadly for most, he brutally turns them down. Now the entire colony is enjoying watching the human turning him down. It’s the height of entertainment. If only it didn’t put a target, Lila didn’t want on her back.

You will thoroughly adore Lila and Zayzon’s love story.

Big Bad Claws by Michele Mills
Big Bad Claws by Michele Mills

About Michele Mills:

Michele Mills lives in California and leads a life of quiet, G rated desperation with her husband and two sons. In an attempt at a fulfilling, R rated inner life that does not include Disney movies and Nickelodeon; Michele reads and writes filthy romance and, well…filthy romance. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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