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Book Review: Midnight Fae Academy Book Two by Lexi C. Foss

Midnight Fae Academy 2 by Lexi C. Foss
Midnight Fae Academy 2 by Lexi C. Foss
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Title: Midnight Fae Academy: Book Two (Midnight Fae Academy #2)
Author: Lexi C. Foss
Genre: Reverse Harem, Paranormal Romance
My rating:
5 of 5 stars

Goodness me! Brilliant.

Where to even start, though!? I don’t even know!? I’m flabbergasted.

So book one was really to lull us into a sense of comfort and give us a sense of happiness so Lexi C. Foss could mentally screw with our heads in book two and leave us devastated and in need of therapy.

You shouldn’t be reading this if you haven’t read book uno, so shame on you if you spoil yourself. Book two begins immediately where one left off in Shade’s chambers, with Zeph and the guards showing up, and Aflora vowing vengeance on her mates. You should be all girl power at this point even if you have an inkling that this is a misunderstanding because women need to stick together against the patriarchal rule that is the Nacht Dynasty.

So much of Midnight Fae Academy Book Two is emotionally yo-yo-ing that I don’t have the words to write a review. This book is incredible, but my brain is fried.

Shadow, who is still my favorite, gets much more filled out as a character and still manages to remain mysterious and somewhat the villain–despite getting the chance to explain his choices. Kols and Zeph get to be sexy together, as well as sexy with Aflora, and we get the receipts in book two. Those are some hot receipts. Zeph–you are a naughty, naughty Headmaster. And, Kols, what does forbidden taste like?–Asking for a friend.

There are many crazy twists and turns in this that you will not know where she is going with this until you are there despite seeing the signs. Even when you CAN see it, the path to it isn’t the one you thought you would take. Lexi C. Foss is ever a mastermind. I am still clearly a fan.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary advance copy of this book.

Midnight Fae Academy 2 by Lexi C. Foss
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Title: Midnight Fae Academy: Book Two (Midnight Fae Academy #2)
Author: Lexi C. Foss
Genre: Reverse Harem, Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 02 June 2020


I’m in purgatory.
A Midnight Fae dungeon.
All because my mates betrayed me.

Shade swears he’s innocent.
Zeph promises that what he did was for my own best interest.
Meanwhile, Kols isn’t apologetic in the slightest, his cocky arrogance claiming fate intervened at just the right moment.

I hate them all.
Crave them, too.
And now I have to work with them to solve a millennia-old secret, one that involves my true heritage.

Except our digging has awoken an ancient power and it’s threatening to destroy the Midnight Fae realm with its vengeance.

If only the Academy offered courses in mediation.
I could use one of those right about now.
Because as it turns out, I’m the only one with the power to stop this thing from taking over.
And I have to rely on my mates to help guide me.

Welcome to Midnight Fae Academy, where the classes are useless and the male fae are all jackholes. Wish me luck.

Author’s Note: This is a dark paranormal why choose trilogy with bully romance (enemies-to-lovers) elements. Despite Aflora’s opinions on the matter, there will definitely be biting. Shadow, a.k.a. Shade, guarantees it. This book ends on a cliffhanger.

About Lexi C. Foss:

USA Today Bestselling Author Lexi C. Foss loves to play in dark worlds, especially the ones that bite. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and their furry children. When not writing, she’s busy crossing items off her travel bucket list, or chasing eclipses around the globe. She’s quirky, consumes way too much coffee, and loves to swim.

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