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Scream Queens Anthology
Scream Queens Anthology
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Title: Scream Queens: A Horror Anthology for Put The Nail in It
Author: Ally Vance, Faith Ryan, Emery LeeAnn, Michelle Brown, Krystle Able, JM Walker, Virginia Lee Johnson, Shannon Youngblood, Willow Ridley, and Taryn Steele
Genre: Horror
Release Date: 01 May 2020


In our world, there’s No Escape from the Silence. You can try Breaking Glass, but once you are Suspended in Blood there’s no way out. Hopefully you have an Alibi when you run away from the Silent Screams that fill the night. 

Scream Queens is a horror anthology raising money for #PutTheNailInIt, a charity focused on helping domestic violence victims. Now get ready to dive in, and Hush Little Baby, don’t say a word. Stella will read you a horror tale.

Scream Queens Anthology
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About Put The Nail in It:

One Small Statement Makes a Big Difference

The idea is simple: by painting your ring fingernail purple, you are showing the world your vow to help spread awareness of domestic violence and displaying your support for Safe Horizon, the country’s largest organization helping victims of domestic violence get the crucial help they need in their darkest moments.

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