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Cover Reveal: Cruel King by Rina Kent

Cruel King by Rina Kent
Cruel King by Rina Kent
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Title: Cruel King (Royal Elite School #0.5)
Author: Rina Kent
Genre: Dark Bully High School Romance
Release Date: January 9, 2020


👑🖤𝐇𝐞’𝐬 𝐧𝐨 𝐟𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐲 𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠.🖤👑


Here, little princess. I’m your king.

You have three rules. Bow. Break. Bend the knee.

Fight me all you want, but soon enough, you’ll be chanting long live the king.


One day I’m Royal Elite School’s small fly, the next I’m hunted and left to die.

He doesn’t only shred my life to parts, but he’s also coming after my heart.

He thinks he broke me, but the new princess will bring the king to his knees.

Cruel King by Rina Kent
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Cruel King Excerpt:

I catch a ride with Aiden for our early practice because my car needs professional help to remove the paint.

As we stop in the car park, I catch sight of honey-brown hair flying in the wind. Aiden steps out, but I remain glued to my seat, watching her easy laughter.

She’s tipping her head back, eyes twinkling with spontaneous energy. It reaches me from across the car park and stirs a dark, unhinged side of me.

I want to ruin that.

I need to ruin that.

Beautiful things have positive effects on people. Most want to capture such moments and relive them over and over again.

Not me.

I itch to burn them and destroy their ashes until nothing is fucking left.

With Astrid Clifford, that sensation is morphing into something else.

I’m compelled to turn her life as black as those canvases, but a part of me yearns to feel the stuttering of her breath as I barged into her space uninvited.

Aiden hangs his arms from my open window.

“Are you coming?”

“Daniel Sterling.” I fix the boy wrapping his arm around her shoulder as they walk inside.

I have two thoughts about him.

His arm needs to be broken.

He should be black, too, for witnessing her laughter.

Aiden follows my vision. “He’s senior and usually benched.”

“Or out of practice altogether.” He didn’t show up to practice yesterday, probably not wanting to waste his time on senior year.

Daniel is the cocky football player type. The type who’s using the game to get his dick wet and to have all the attention that comes with it.

He’s decent enough and could’ve snatched his place long ago if it weren’t for his half-arsed attempts.

A smile tugs my lips. Guess who’ll have my wrath during today’s practice?

One point over Clifford’s princess.

My phone rings as I reach for my bag. Chris’s number flashes on the screen and I hit ignore. I’m not in the mood for his empty excuses. He sends a text.

Chris: Urgent. I have news.

©Kent, Rina. Noble Savages: A Dark High School Bully Romance Box Set . Queens of the Dark Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Cruel King by Rina Kent
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About Rina Kent:

Rina Kent in an English author who’s constantly parading between France and North Africa due to her studies and her husband’s demanding job.
When she’s not packing suitcases or hopping from one plane to the other, she’s busy whipping her characters to shape. 

Since a young age, Rina has been obsessed with storytelling and flawed, edgy characters. Her heroes are often killers and anti-heroes and her books are always sprinkled with darkness, angst, violence, and lots of heat.

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