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Weekend Pick Me Up: His Purrfect Mate by Laurann Dohner

His Purrfect Mate by Laurann Dohner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have fallen head over heels for Anton over my many readings of His Purrfect Mate. He becomes more and more dear to me each time I pick up this Mate Set novel.

***deep inhalation***

The Harris Pack is one of the strongest shifter clans in the region. Alpha Elroy guides his family and pack with a firm hand. Elroy holds his sons up to the example he leads, to be warriors and protectors. He expects Anton to be his heir, ready to lead the Harris wolves when Alpha steps down. His eldest son Grady is a product of a relationship prior to Elroy’s mating with Eve and would never be an option in Eve’s eyes. She thinks only her sons should inherit. Not only does Grady’s origins make him unfit in her eyes he chose a human as a mate which Eve finds sacrilege. She wants Anton to make a strong alliance to bind the Harris Pack to another powerful one. All her sons need to make strong alliances when they mate and ONLY with WOLVES. Eve will do anything to make that happen, including murder, mayhem, and betrayal.

***another deep breath***

When Anton–easily the most charming Harris–finds his pack hunting on territory grounds not to be culled any further, he is pissed. When he realizes it’s a woman who is treed above his wolves Anton is pissed to the second power. Harris wolves don’t hurt women. But Shannon isn’t all human, she’s part puma and cats and wolves aren’t known for being chummy. They are enemies. Anton should be killing the little bundle of softness in his arms but everything in him tells him he needs to protect her.

Anton is handsome.
Anton is sweet.
Anton is sexy.
Anton. Anton. Anton.
(I had to get that squee out because there are a few more paragraphs in this review)

The Mate Set books work under the lore that once a year the male wolves go into heat, it lasts for a few weeks and they are driven to get it on until it passes. Anton is about to go into heat when he promises Shannon protection. Bad news for Shannon, her puma is also going into heat for the first time. The entire wolf world is against their pairing and they just can’t help themselves.

All the Harris boys get some time in His Purrfect Mate with the exception of Grady who is mentioned but not seen. Brand and Rave have the largest participation in the story, but Braden and Von are around for almost two chapters.

There are some issues in this book that stand out to me since I’ve read so many LD books.

–The chase at the beginning of this book is also used in the first Nightwing book: Claimed written by LD with Kele Moon and released 11/16. I like the idea of it for both books but it is derivative in the later book.
–The threat of sexual assault comes up again and this is seen in every book she has written so far.
–The yokel locals who are a threat have generic names: Donny, Milo, Jerry. And Jerry must really bother her because that name is also used in the New Species book and he is a hassat.
No one wears sweats anymore. Trackpants! Give these small women who need clothing ANYTHING other than sweats. Why can’t they wear shorts? Or tees? Or tanks? Or even freaking bathrobes? And when they get clothes their own size give the females leggings or yoga pants instead of their own sweats for kitten’s sakes. I’ve read easily two dozen of LD’s books and I am voting sweats off the island. It’s now a mortal sin and I won’t allow it to go unspoken. Sweats.

–There are these overused motifs:

“I don’t even know you and I don’t have sex with strangers.”
Used so repetitively throughout LD’s books that it’s also a sin. It’s time to change the music because this record is broken.

“You’re killing me.”
This IS yet another LD sin. Death by getting it good is a common thing in LD’s books. And I don’t know why there isn’t any other exclamation of satisfaction. Suggestion: “You’re so good at this you make me think of cheesecake fro-yo!” Okay that is sorta verbose but still gives you the effect that it’s GOOOOOOD!

BUT I do love this book and I recommend it. It’s not necessary to read the series in chronological order because LD rarely touches on characters from previous stories going forward. Sucks if you are like me and really enjoy a more interwoven world and lore. But good for those that want one night with a good book without the strings. I can’t wait for her to get back on this series because I can’t wait to hear Von’s story.

P.S. Don’t forget that sweats are now illegal.

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