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Weekend Pick Me Up: Shameless by Gina L. Maxwell

Shameless by Gina L. Maxwell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you like it dirty let me hear ya holla!

Yeah baby! This first Playboys in Love book is for nasty babes who don’t know how to fix a sink or clear a browser history. Don’t pretend you haven’t been there; all we nasty babes have. Too bad we can’t all have a ‘Handyman’ clear our pipes for us.

Jane is a sexually repressed student just trying to get through her thesis and hoping that there is life on the other side. Sometimes it’s impossible to get those last few pages written when you aren’t properly motivated. How can someone write about the issues of objectification in society when they only have one sample group as research?

Insert male strippers here. (Or perhaps you have a better place to insert them.)

At times like these a ‘Handyman’ comes in handy. –Ummm, yeah that could have sounded better if Chase’s stripper name had been ‘Pipesnake’ or ‘Mr. Hammer’. Note to author: Mr. Hammer should have been a contender. I admit Pipesnake sounds demented.

Jane’s well meaning bestie Addison has sent Jane a little something (someone) to take her mind off her perpetually unfinished paper. All-work-and-no-play Jane mistakes her good time for an actual plumber. I confess; I have embarrassingly mistaken a toy for something practical a few times in my past, I’m willing to give her a pass. Chase, not just a hot dude but a good guy, decides to be the man she wants instead of the one she needs. This Handyman fixes her bathroom sink pipe, coincidentally hitting her laptop keyboard finding her kinky interests open in her browser window.

What happens when a girl who likes to roleplay nasty games meets a guy who has a nasty game in mind?

If I have to answer that for you, you might need a Handyman!

This is a fun romp. Might be a trigger for someone who has issue with humiliation or degradation erotica.

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