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Weekend Pick Me Up: Save Me by Bella Scully

Save Me: a Stepbrother Romance by Bella Scully
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mmm Cal Gatlin, I’ll have a dozen and keep them coming.

This is probably one of the most mature YA/NA books I’ve had. Great enjoyment to read. It’s basically teen erotica and my nineteen year old sister is not old enough to read it yet. Hell, I might not be mature enough to read it.
But I do definitely love it.

This is the good girl gone crazy for a bad boy with a heart of gold. He also has a potty mouth with a tendency to say dirty, dirty things. And he has a reputation that only a girlfriend in love could make light of.

Oh and he has just become her brother but that is really only an issue for the sake of the whole stepbrother taboo genre, because I mean, really, getting it on with someone you are only related to by means of association is how most people get dates. Truly, the taboo is dead to me and the formula is getting tired. Perhaps we should petition for a new taboo.

Some girls try to live up to the expectations of everyone they know, they all become bitter housewives that dive into the bottom of a bottle and passive aggressively crap on everyone they think has better. I know because I’m very closely related to one. Natalie Harlow has her future bitter existence ambitiously planned out and her application to Harvard is only the first step. What she doesn’t have is the stomach to deal with her nemesis and tormentor of many years move into her house.

I must admit that watching Cal wind Nat up is what makes this book so beautiful. He really is the perfectly charming douche canoe with a heart. Even when he is behaving he is still dangerous and naughty. He’s young enough to be my child but I would whole heartedly go cougar for a little one night of that sinful smexy.
He’s eighteen so I am free and clear in all fifty states and most international countries.
Ok, what I would want to do with him is likely illegal in all those places too.

This is really a great read, Bella Scully has a fantastic voice, her characters are tangible, and her humor is out of the world. I can’t wait to snatch up all her future books.

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