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Looking for Books; September 2015


These are the books Simona and I are looking to read this month. Check these titles out and let us know what you want to read!

September 1

A Whole New World: A Twisted Tale by Liz Braswell

Captain Simona:  Sucker for retellings, that’s what I am!

Maybe it’s because I grew up during the First Disney Golden Era (aka The 90s) or because I’d like living in a world where there are walking and talking cups, flying carpets, creepy princes with necrophilic (that the word?!) tendencies but I tend to squeel and get really excited when I see something fairytale oriented.
And if it gets dark and twisted and you get a whole different story? Even better!
So excited about this!


September 8

Numbers by Laurann Dohner

Captain Simona: A new New Species book? With two stories? Is there anything more to say? Nope. TBR and devour it ASAP!

Ms. Ali Cat: This is also on my list! I have recently read the entire series again and I can’t wait to read about two of the Numbers succumbing to mates. They are all so cray cray, angry, rough and hating. Shwwwwooooon! I can’t help but want it, want it, want it! Who will be my newest favorite Species male?



Sweet Temptation by Wendy Higgins

Ms Ali Cat: What could Wendy Higgins buy a girl who loves her some major Kaidan Rowe? MORE KAIDAN ROWE! This is the Sweet Series told from the hot babe’s perspective and I can not wait to hear the naughty thoughts the naughtiest bad boy of this series thinks. It will be like being in his pants… but not getting the personal joy of being able to do something about it AND it still being the nicest place you could visit in the literary world for one book!



September 10

Sincerely, Arizona by Whitney Gracia Williams 

Ms. Ali Cat: This is the extended epilogue to Whitney Gracia Williams’ Sincerely, Carter. I love the humorous stories of unexpected love and Sincerely, Carter was fantastic. I love the dynamic between lifetime BFFs Carter and Arizona, who act like a couple without realizing it. No one quite has your back like the person who loves you effortlessly and unconditionally. This is the free 1.5 in the series.


September 15

Dumplin by Julie Murphy

Captain Simona: Firstly, the title: I love it, because I love dumplings. I don’t even care if later on I find out this isn’t about a dumpling in a red dress 😉

Second: the blurb explicitly guarantees that it will steal my heart. Challange accepted. Do your best, Julie Murphy.
All jokes aside, I think there are too many YA books with main characters that are the new beauty queen in disguise and dnk it themselves until a guy comes in and enlightens thems. As if a woman needa a man to be aware of their beauty (which, fyi , isn’t only on the outside). So, Julie Murphy presents me with a “big girl” who thinks that the perfect bikini body is any kind of body in a bikini, I jump on it and applaud it for its message wether I like the story or not. But it’s guaranteed to steal my heart, so I’m fairly sure it will just do that, no matter how much I play hard to get.


Mirrored by Alex Flinn

Captain Simona: I’ve read some Alex Flinn, I’ve watched the “Beastly” movie, and so far I was quite fascinated. If you don’t recall, Simona here (that’s me – I’m a megalomaniac and I like to talk about myself in 3rd person: I’m adorable) is a fan of re-tellings. She may dislike Cinderella but she loves Snow White.

You want to give me a different take on this classic? I’ll take it with sticky, grabby, greedy hands.

The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich

Ms. Ali Cat: I have been loving me some paranormal suspense for the last few months and this book first caught my eye because of it’s gorgeous cover but the description made me all the more intrigued. It’s probably one of the most anticipated books of September for me… after Sins of Sevin.


September 21

Sins of SevinSins of Sevin by Penelope Ward

Ms. Ali Cat: I read the synopsis and went a little desperate. I messaged Ms. Ward on Facebook to ask for info on who was doing her book tour and nearly offered an organ for a high resolution copy of the cover image. After I had a moment to realize that the 21st wasn’t as far away as it initially seemed I apologized …And then I accidentally messaged her telling her she was a boobface–that was intended to be sent to my sister. Nice going, ace; I’m a technological menace.


September 22

Blood and Salt by Kim Liggett

Ms. Ali Cat: Romeo and Juliet meets Children of the Corn?

Are you joking me? How could that not suck me in? I don’t like to read Stephen King but I did love Children of the Corn. I am all over this. Pre-ordered already and just waiting for it to land in my Kindle book list on the 22nd.


September 29

Six Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Captain Simona: More of the Grishaverse!

I devoured the Grisha Trilogy and fell in love with the Darkling and hope Leigh Bardugo has written me another bad boy to fall in booklove.


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