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Book Boyfriend Report – Woman On Fire by Fran Lee

Woman on Fire - Fran LeeIf there are two things I like they are: arrogant men and when arrogant men get a cosmic kick in the pants. To say Fran Lee prepared a plate of intergalactic indulgence would be understating it. This little serving of spicy goodness is a sweet treat of tasty meat for any night of the week.

When Cheyenne Red Wolf is hired to become the Native American Studies teacher on a small res she is surprised to find that the man who hired her is ticked that her name is more Native American than she is–she is actually of Irish descent… Azrael Thunder Horse, Lakota Tribe member, takes great pride in his heritage. He has a real stick up his butt about Anglos not appreciating Native American’s traditions, beliefs and a bunch of other hoopla that Azrael makes up in his XY chromosome fathead which all adds up to heaps of cow crap and undercooked spaghetti. It didn’t get pass me that he happens to have the name Azrael which makes him the silliest Anglo named pookie bear in the bunch. Do I sound mad, bro?

Now, I can’t say that Azrael is necessarily a bad boy and he needs to be spanked… well, I really could say that and I would like to be first in line to be the spanker! But he is one hard headed, obstinate despotic guy and if it weren’t for the fact that he balances all the single-minded manly-man stuff with the kissing, hot body, hotter sex, and right words I’m pretty sure most women would be neutering him and serving him his Rocky Mountain Oysters. But there is just something about Azrael that makes every obnoxious thing something that can be overlooked. Even the sort of skeevy–“White women are beneath Native Americans… I think I’ll sleep with Cheyenne since I can’t get rid of her!” Maybe it is the fact that any woman in her right mind would be out of her mind with lust and trying to sneak a peek and a handsy squeeze of his tight ass or his touchable pecs. I mean REALLY? What is the point of having a disgustingly beautiful guy trying to bone you if you can’t drool over him when he is clothed as well? Plus, I either heard it from Cosmo, or a girlfriend, or TV… the old lady at Mass, maybe? But if you pinch a guy’s tushie enough it will squish all the pecker headed ideas he has right out of his body. Sometimes this is a lifetime commitment, girls. Keep pinching!

Now when you have sinfully delectable and totally A-L-P-H-A packaged and sitting in your lap you had best be a girl that can handle yourself and your man. Cheyenne Red Wolf might let herself be seduced by this wild indian man but she has the backbone to put him in his place and draw a line when it is needed. It’s just that Azrael might have a gift for confusing the matter of just when that line is needed. He’s not the kind of man that whispers those sonnets in a girl’s ear and brings you chocolates and Hallmark cards. This is a male who corners you in the hall of his mother’s house in the middle of the night and diddles you until you almost lose all sense of control while his mom is right down the hall. He’s rather shameless. Did I say before that he didn’t need to be spanked? Notion withdrawn… someone get the paddle!

Where I often have hang-ups about heroes in romances is the interaction they have in regards to secondary characters. A good supporting cast will actually create a better hero or heroine. Azrael’s mother, Maude, was probably my biggest sell on him as a romantic hero rather than an “erotic” romance hero. Maude brings Azrael’s character back down from all those heated encounters and she anchors Azrael and Cheyenne’s relationship to something outside of  a sexual liaison. Her dynamic with both of them makes the story richer and for Azrael’s Book Boyfriend Report sake–Maude is the one who redeems the story at the times when it is becoming imbalanced or emotional. She brings it back home. And I love the fact that she knocked his effin’ block off… never too old to administer a good slap when your kid is acting like a noodlebrain. Hit him again, Maude!

What sort of Book Boyfriend is Azrael Thunder Horse?

  • Arrogant/Jerk Boyfriend
  • Alpha Boyfriend
  • All In Boyfriend
  • Bad Boy Boyfriend
  • Boy Next Door Boyfriend
  • Charming Boyfriend
  • Dark Desires Boyfriend
  • Dirty Talker Boyfriend
  • Does It All Right Boyfriend
  • Enigmatic Boyfriend
  • Got Some Issues Boyfriend
  • Pure Sin Boyfriend
  • Pushes Too Hard Boyfriend
  • Reluctant/Insecure Boyfriend
  • Three P’s Boyfriend: Protective, Proprietary & Possessive

I recommend this book if you are a fan of Laurann Dohner’s Riding the Raines Series.

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