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Book Boyfriend Report – Camille by Tess Oliver

camilleIt’s been a while since I did a Book Boyfriend Report and if there has ever been a more appropriate nominee for the award than Nathanial Strider I don’t think I’ve come across him. Tess Oliver’s Historical Young Adult Paranormal Romance (That is a poop ton of genre tags to attach to a novel) is one of the best books I have read in the new year. This read combines supernatural, early 19th century science, a good deal of gender suffrage, and a very romantic if not reluctant romance between two parties perfectly matched and ironically at odds and a devilishly charming hero who has been around the neighborhood and talked the knickers off all the wenches. Camille Kennecott and her guardian Dr. Bennett will have you raising an eyebrow, shaking your head and fearful for any other poor souls they get a bee in their bonnet to take under their care to do research upon. Let’s just be happy that Nathaniel was the one bit by this werewolf because I’m pretty sure someone less taken with Camille might have snapped and taken a taste of the pair of them and all their experimenting.

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