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He Said, She Said – Gabfest & Gossip: Jill Elaine Hughes

Gabfest & Gossip with Jill Elaine Hughes

Jill Elaine Hughes stepped up to be one of my Making Love 101 authors but after reading Domino Effect I felt that she would be better suited to have a review that wasn’t restricted to speaking about a romance angle that was a small and not truly developed part of the story she was telling in her book series. Having become a Jill Fanatic and Domino Convert I wanted to put out an interview that unfolded this tale and all it’s intriguing and complex layers. Thanks Jill for being so accommodating!

Jill Elaine Hughes Bio:

jill.e.hughes_1383582822_58Jill Elaine Hughes is a professional journalist, playwright, memoirist, and fiction author. She has written for the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, Washington Post, Cat Fancy magazine, New Art Examiner, and numerous other media outlets. Her plays have been widely published and produced by theaters in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, the United Kingdom, and Australia. She is also the author of several New Adult fiction books. Ms. Hughes also writes erotic fiction under two pen names: Jamaica Layne and Jay E. Hughes.

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