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Makin’ The Love Monday – Xaman by Simone Beaudelaire & Edwin Stark


I tend to get in reading rut, like my choice in foods–I find something tasty and it’s all I eat for the next month. With reading I will be taken with a topic and read nothing but that for a while: YA, Science Fiction, stepbrothers, motorcycle clubs, Classics, shifters, urban fantasy, ménage, vintage romances… Then I will read something off the menu and it will blow me the eff away. Since I buy a lot of books (upward of 150-200/month) I sometimes flip through my e-reader and select a book by cover not knowing what in hell I’m getting into because Kindle doesn’t show me blurbs, and I’m stuck just pants-ing my novel choice. Some are winners, some are losers–this was a blue ribbon selection, and how I came to read Xaman. (And I don’t regret my cover loving in the least because the book was amazekitties.) Continue Reading