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Interviews: A Short Chat with Rina and the RES Characters

Steel Princess by Rina Kent
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Steel Princess by Rina Kent
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Ali: Cruel King and Deviant King reviewers have gone bonkers for Levi and the Horseman; what do you five think about becoming book boyfriends
Ronan: Boyfriend? Me? Any time, chéri *winks*
Xander: Any time, love *dimpled smile*
Levi: I’m only Astrid’s boyfriend.
Aiden: Who gave you permission to talk to me?

Ali: Which one of you thinks they are the best book boyfriend? And Rina, you’ve said that Ronan is your cinnamon roll — does he know this?
Ronan: Bien sûre que moi! Girls love me. Okay, it might have to do with what will be written on my gravestone. I use it well.
Xander: Me. Because dimples. Think on that, ladies.

Ali: Astrid and Elsa, how does it make you feel when the King men reduce you down to chess pieces? Have you ever mentally, or aloud, demoted either of them or the Horsemen to pawns when they get out of hand. 

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