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Book Review: Off Limits by L.A. Cotton

Off Limits by LA Cotton
Off Limits by LA Cotton
Off Limits by LA Cotton
Off Limits by LA Cotton

Title: Off Limits (Rixon High #1)
Author: L.A. Cotton
Genre: YA Sports Romance
My rating:
4 of 5 stars

*Big sigh*

There is so much here to unpack. L.A. Cotton has covered some important topics in this book.

Jason Ford’s nightmare has come true. Lewis Thatcher’s spawn has come to Rixon High, and he wants to be Jase’s next QB1. Can Coach Ford get his head straight to let Kaiden have a chance, or will bad blood spoil Kaiden’s only opportunity to get out of Rixon?

But the dynamic between Jason and Kaiden isn’t the only thing going on here. L.A. Cotton also introduces a complicated heroine in Lily Ford. A delicate and traumatized girl on the edge of womanhood or a nervous breakdown–whichever comes first. Lily has friends and family to support her, but she is wounded and healing but not thriving, and more importantly, not living until Kaiden Thatcher sets her aflame.

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