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Cover Reveal: Beg for Mercy by Lane Hart

Beg for Mercy by Lane Hart
Beg For Mercy by Lane Hart
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Title: Beg For Mercy (Mercy Academy #1)
Author: Lane Hart
Genre: Young Adult, Bully Romance
Release Date:
October 18, 2019


Aric Prince is an All-American high school football star with a body built like a Greek god and hair so beautiful he could sell shampoo by the boatloads.

The only problem is that Aric’s also a rich, arrogant, and gigantic prick. Nothing but filth and insults come out of his smirking mouth, constantly reminding me that poor trailer park trash girls like myself don’t belong in his pretentious academy.

Aric and his best friends all think they’re untouchable.

But the cocky bastard is finally going down this year.

I’ve hit the motherload of blackmail on the jerk, pun intended, and I can’t wait to give him exactly what he deserves.

Aric Prince’s reign at the academy is coming to an end.

Before I’m done with him, he’ll be on his knees, begging for mercy. 

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