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Feeling Peckish – Indelible Ink by Marie Lark

Indelible Ink - Marie Lark

I have that thing… you know, that thing where when I read a book I can see everything that is happening in it as if it were a movie or TV show. Perhaps it’s because of the way I have such vivid dreams and I’m a crazy daydreamer? Or the photographer in me that captures images of all kinds… Maybe it’s just the fact that I have to see things to understand them. Why do I mention this here? Because Marie Lark’s Indelible Ink had me picturing the nearest “downtown” to where I grew up in by the second page of her novella and her characters felt like home too. I couldn’t help but see the entire setting of her book as Scranton, PA.

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He Said, She Said – Making Love 101: Marie Lark

Making Love 101

Indelible Ink is the debut Romance of author Marie Lark and her foray into Erotic Romance with publisher Ellora’s Cave. This novella is the second in the Boys Will Do Boys series which includes such authors as Lucy Felthouse, Karenna Colcroft and Ari Michaels. Thanks for being part of Making Love 101, Marie!


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