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Any Day that Ends in YA – Thousand Words by Jennifer Brown

IMG_5725I’m trying something new. I have been home in Pennsylvania visiting family for the last few weeks and my mom has an internet package conceived by a real miser and a connection which rivals the stability of a house of cards and playing telephone with two cans and a piece of string. Soon I will be going home and I will miss my family but I will have a little more routine. This I do pledge my oath… until the time when I no longer pledge my oath.

So I have been reading tons of books. It has been raining a lot and I commandeer the couch in those times when the sky can no longer keep Mother Nature’s tears at bay. More than a handful were worthy of recommendations and if you want to go to my Goodreads and look up my August 2013 reviews you can find me on the website by searching me by my name.

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