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Book Review: They Call Me Gomer by J.C. Miller

They Call Me Gomer by JC Miller
They Call Me Gomer by JC Miller

Title: They Call Me Gomer
Author: J.C. Miller
Genre: New Adult, Urban Inspirational, Christian Fiction
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Real deal, like a heart attack, kind of read.

They Call Me Gomer is one of those reads that pulls you in and drags you through in immersion therapy. J.C. Miller doesn’t just use diary entries, but she enriches the story with the characters’ tongue. You can hear the speech, feel the personalities. She takes you there and makes you part of Go-Go’s story–the path she makes through her early life and the bumps and thumps she takes. They Call Me Gomer is not a pretty tale. It’s rife with instability, self-destruction, and a desire to live the better of the best life. GoGo’s journey is sometimes something you would want to turn away from but can’t stop yourself from reading more.

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