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Weekend Pick Me Up: External Forces by Deborah Rix


I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for my awesome opinion. That is what I’m supposed to say right, that my honesty can’t be bought? So take note pour favors, this book is being judged fairly based upon it’s fine qualities and my integrity as a book dork.

Imma rock this book booty!

Holy cow pies, Catgirl! Is it getting warm in here? This book is hot stuff . Shake your boom boom already. I just KNOW you will want to take your–well maybe it’s weird to say the book is so hot you want to take your clothes off. I can’t understand why it took me so long to pick it up and start reading it, hindsight is truly regrets’ bestfriend. MY bestfriend is grrlpowa phenom Jess Grant; she is the sort of friend that kicks names and takes tushies. If you are a bad guy she is going to spank you into the next millennium. This girl isn’t your girl next door, she is the girl who is building the house and making the future for the bodies within. A heroine for all heroines. And there is that thing where she is sorta boy stupid and judgmentally handicapable. Or maybe incapable.

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