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Book Review: Break Me by Meagan Brandy

Break Me by Meagan Brandy
Break Me by Meagan Brandy
Break Me by Meagan Brandy
Break Me by Meagan Brandy

Title: Break Me (Brayshaw High #5)
Author: Meagan Brandy
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance
My rating:
5 of 5 Stars

Break Me is the best sort of fan service.

Brielle Bishop is supposed to be a pawn in Royce Brayshaw’s plans for payback. That would work if she didn’t shake his world up five minutes after meeting him.

Okay, peeps, this book put me through the wringer. I laughed. I got pissed off. I cried my ever-loving eyes out. Royce has always been a mess, and his book could not be anything other than a love story of epic messy proportions. You love him, and you know he is going to eff it up from the start.

I didn’t understand the animosity between Royce and Bishop that sets up the plot, but you need to have some crisis to have a story. Still, I loved Brielle, and she is a unique character to this series, very different from the earlier heroines. It’s nice not having an in your face female. Something softer for the most in your face Brayshaw is a plus. But watching Royce fight himself while all the previous MCs pulled for him and tried to get him to disengage his head from his bottom was ironic.

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Book It, New Release

New Release: Be My Brayshaw by Meagan Brandy

Be My Brayshaw by Meagan Brandy
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Be My Brayshaw by Meagan Brandy
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Title: Be My Brayshaw (Brayshaw #4)
Author: Meagan Brandy
Genre: Romance
Release Date:
03 June 2020


“Cross one, cross all.”

That’s the Brayshaw way.
She should have realized this before sliding into our world with secrets too big to bury.
She didn’t and now the target is on her back.
The day her lies came crashing down, I should have forced her out.
Instead, I locked her in, and with the promise I would never be hers.
I resisted, fought against us.
I caved.
I tasted what became my newfound favorite flavor and fell hard for the little liar.
But then the depth of her treachery reveals itself, and with it a reminder.
Our town is a twisted place, and with truth comes trouble.
In the blink of an eye, my world is split at its core, and I’m faced with an impossible decision, one that leads to a single outcome…


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Cover Reveal: Reign of Brayshaw by Meagan Brandy

Reign of Brayshaw by Meagan Brandy

Title: Reign of Brayshaw
Author: Meagan Brandy
Genre: High School Romance
Release Date:
October 3, 2019


“Trust only those who earn it.”
A sentiment I follow without direction but holds more consequence than ever before.

One decision, five lives, three futures. 
This is what’s at stake. 

One night, one choice, four broken Brayshaws. 
That is where we’re headed.

Unless I stop it.
I 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 to stop it.
I have to remind him of what he’s chosen to forget.

My town. My choice. 𝘔𝘺 ending.

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