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Book Review: Caged by Eva Brandt & Dahlia Briar

Caged by Eva Brandt and Dahlia Briar
Caged by Eva Brandt and Dahlia Briar
Caged by Eva Brandt and Dahlia Briar

Title: Caged (Primal Obsessions #3)
Author: Eva Brandt & Dahlia Briar
Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

DARK. Very brutally dark. Some twisted minds wrote Caged. And they should be proud of themselves.

Caged is the last in the Primal Obsessions books, and the series was so easy to devour in two days that I’m ashamed of my gluttony–lies, I reveled in it. I liked this entire series, but this book has some harsher visuals than the other two, in my opinion.

Aimee trespasses onto Pride territory with her boyfriend and his two friends and is met with brutal force. Taken prisoner, she watches the other members of her party be viciously murdered. She is then gifted as a prize to Blaze, one of the Pride Alphas by the Pride Mother, for bringing the trespassers to justice.

Humans are thought to be evil, and the Pride Alphas are waiting for Aimee to show her evil human ways, but instead, she shows strength, defiance, and adaptability. All qualities the lions admire. Plus, there was always that one esoteric aspect to her that mesmerized Blaze. It’s what makes her perfect for a lion’s mate, the ability to accept, even desire pain when she is with her lovers–because they have some anatomy that you don’t want to envision.

Caged is very satisfying. I dinged it a star because the angst carried on a little too long and needed some more dynamic. I felt it flat at other emotions. This series is well worth the money. I urge you to spend. I have already picked up some other books by the authors who wrote them to try out different stories.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary advance copy of this book.

Caged by Eva Brandt and Dahlia Briar
Caged by Eva Brandt and Dahlia Briar

About Eva Brandt:

Eva Brandt is a romance aficionado who likes to spice up her stories with an extra bit of something special. Dragons? Perfect. Vampires? You got it. Any other type of mythological creature you might not have heard of? Absolutely. Sexy, snarky heroines and heroes with a penchant for falling head over heels in love with them? Yes and double yes. ​

She also believes in a very simple motto. Be passionate about passion. Embrace temptation. Life is too short to deny yourselves the most beautiful things about it.

When she’s not weaving her latest sexy tale, she enjoys relaxing in bed with a nice mug of tea and her ebook reader. Because nothing is better than writing a book, excepting reading one.

Connect with Eva Brandt:

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About Dahlia Briar:

Dahlia Briar writes dark paranormal romance stories. Her writing is influenced by media such as Criminal Minds (TV show), Hannibal (TV show), The Haunting of Hill House (miniseries), Bloodborne (video game), CryptTV (youtube channel) and basically anything dark, gothic, creepy or downright disturbing. Her books feature supernatural assassins, serial killers, psychos, evil cults, demons and creepy lore and so much more.

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