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Interview: Patty from IheartYA311 Bookstagram

IheartYA311 Bookstagram
IheartYA311 Bookstagram
IheartYA311 Bookstagram

Meet Patty from I Heart YA Bookstagram!

These are just fun questions, don’t think too hard on them; there are no wrong answers!

Ali: You can only read one book for the rest of your life, what is it?
Patty: Letters to the Lost.

Ali: Would you rather have a house made out of books, or have a book in which you could crawl inside and live?
Patty: House of books. Endless adventures.

Ali: Would you rather buy books from a brick and mortar bookstores, or online stores?
Patty: Brick and mortar. I like to feel, and smell, and have the experience.

Ali: What book is something you think you probably should have read already but haven’t?
Patty: The Diviners.

Ali: Name a book have you read that was not worthy of the hype?
Patty: Caravel. What rubbish!

Ali: Is there any book you feel was far worse as a book than it was as a movie or tv show.
Patty: Hmm…far worse? Miss Peregrine’s. The movie was great but the book was slow and boring.

Ali: Favorite book quote?
Patty: Don’t have one really..

Ali: You can give a shout out to any person, real or fictional, who is it, and what do you want them to know.
Patty: To the person who decided not to film the conclusion of the Divergent movies…talk about heartbreak! How could you devastate me like that? At least finish what you started.

About Patty:

IheartYA311 Bookstagram
IheartYA311 Bookstagram

I’m 37, married, 1 daughter. I’ve worked in healthcare for 17 years. I like pop and 90s music, and I’ve been to a lot of concerts. I will always be a hardcore N’sync fan! Born and raised in NJ. I’m a home body, introvert. I read almost 150 books last year. I like to read YA, fantasy, contemporary, dystopian, gothic, witchy, positivity and self help. I was able to recruit a few authors last year for our book discussions in Monthly Book Club. I have autoimmune diseases but try to walk as much as I can while using my Fitbit. I like photography, candles, baking, mint sundaes, springtime, Hallmark Christmas movies, and animals.

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