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Interview: Moon Water by Pam Webber

Moon Water b Pam Webber

Ali: Introduce yourself, please.Pam: Hello Have Coffee Need Books followers – I am Pam Webber, author of the bestselling debut Southern novel, The Wiregrass, a Historical Novels Review Editors’ Choice, and Read of the Month at Southern Literary Review. My second novel, Moon Water, just released August 20th. I have also published extensively in nursing and am an award-winning educator and family nurse practitioner. I was pleased to present on a panel at Virginia Festival of the Book after my debut release. My husband, Jeff, and I live in the Northern Shenandoah Valley.

Ali: Describe your writing style in three words. 
Pam: Immersive, contextual storytelling

Ali: What is the last book you read?
Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Ali: What genre is Moon Water? 
Pam: Historical Fiction (Story takes place in 1969)

Ali: Who are your main characters?

·     The protagonist is Nettie, a sixteen-year-old during a summer of discontent. She’s reeling from sucker punches coming from all directions. Her boyfriend since grade school wants to break up just as they were beginning to figure out the sex thing, her life-long nemesis is jabbing her with perfectly polished nails, and her hellfire and brimstone preacher refuses to baptize her. 

·     Win is Nettie’s best friend and a full-blooded Monacan Indian. She is the understudy to her grandmother, Nibi, who is a Monacan medicine woman and seer. 

Ali: What is the quest you’ve posed for your characters to complete?
Pam: Nibi gives Nettie and Win a cryptic message about a coming darkness: a blood moon whose veiled danger threatens Nettie and those she loves. To survive, Nettie and Win must build a mysterious dreamcatcher–one that requires them to scour the perilous mountains for Nature’s ancient but perfect elements.

Ali: Is there a character you most enjoyed writing and why?
Pam: Creating the character of Nibi was the most enjoyable. She a Monacan medicine woman who sees the unseen and knows the unknown. 

Ali: What should readers know about your book? 
Pam: As historical fiction, it has a core of truth wrapped in fiction. It is also embedded with the lessons that many sixteen-year-olds never experience.

Ali: Give a shout out or acknowledgement to the person or persons who helped you bring this book to life. 
Pam: The model for the character of Nibi was Victoria Last Walker Ferguson, a real-life Monacan, who is the Monacan Life Interpreter at the Monacan Village at Natural Bridge, Virginia. She is as close to a real Native American medicine woman as I would ever hope to find. Her wisdom blew me away.

Moon Water by Pam Webber

Title: Moon Water: A Novel
Author: Pam Webber
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publication Date: August 20, 2019


Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains during the summer of 1969, Moon Water finds Nettie, 16, with her boyfriend wanting to breakup just as they are figuring out the sex thing. Nettie’s lifelong nemesis is jabbing her with perfectly polished nails, while her hellfire and brimstone preacher refuses to baptize her. Amid this turmoil, a Monacan Indian medicine woman gives her a cryptic message about a coming darkness, a blood moon whose veiled danger threatens Nettie and those she loves. To prepare for the darkness, Nettie and her best friend, Win, make a treacherous journey into the mountains to build a mysterious dreamcatcher of ancient elements.

About Pam Webber:

Pam Webber

Pam Webber is a nationally certified nurse practitioner and a university level nursing educator. She has received several outstanding teaching awards and organizational honors, published numerous articles, and co-authored a nursing textbook.

Moon Water is the standalone sequel to her debut bestselling Southern novel,The Wiregrass. Pam resides in the Shenandoah Valley with her husband, Jeff.

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