How to Be a Book Reviewer

2018 Reading Challenge

Whether you want to kick off your 2018 resolution to read more, or you want to start writing reviews you may need some inspiration. Here is the Have Coffee Need Books 2018 Reading Challenge to the rescue; let this guide help you find just the thing to scratch that reader’s itch. Here are fifty-two reading prompts to help you become more rounded in your interests. If you find something you like and would like to recommend it to others do so by using the #havecoffeeneedbooks on Twitter or Instagram. Good luck and happy reading.

  1. A book of poetry
  2. A classic Chinese Folktale
  3. A Nobel Prize award winning book
  4. A book being made into a film in 2018
  5. A book written based on a film
  6. A book recommended by a sports star
  7. A book written in another language (translated)
  8. A textbook
  9. A book that is a story within a story
  10. An Oprah’s Book Club book
  11. A Western Civilization Classic
  12. A Japanese myth or legend
  13. A YA Book by an author who is LGBTQ+
  14. A Mystery or Thriller by an author who works in Criminal Justice
  15. A 2017 Best Seller
  16. A book that is a gift
  17. A novel by a Native American
  18. A book written based on a newspaper headline
  19. A book about politics
  20. A book written by someone under 20 years old
  21. A book with more than 500 pages
  22. A John Newbery Medal winning novel
  23. A memoir written by a woman in industry
  24. A book set in a Third World Country
  25. A book about scientific innovation
  26. A science fiction novel written in another century
  27. A book of letters
  28. A book of compiled news articles (any topic)
  29. A book purchased directly from the author
  30. A book found second hand
  31. A novel that chronicles 2017
  32. A biography of someone from the 18th century.
  33. A historical fiction set in the Orient
  34. A novel by an African Author
  35. A screenplay
  36. A banned book
  37. A travel journal or guide
  38. A book from a non-human perspective
  39. A book written by someone currently holding a political office
  40. A favorite from your childhood
  41. A book with a cat on the cover
  42. A book set in your hometown
  43. A book about a mythical creature
  44. A fantasy novel written in the 20th century
  45. A book about scandal set in Europe during the 18th – 19th century
  46. A Scientific paper or treaty
  47. A book regarding a topic unknown to you
  48. A How-to book
  49. A book written by a conspiracy theorists
  50. A book from the reading list of a celebrity
  51. An article in print format from any publication
  52. A book recommended by someone born before 1950


Printable PDF version available.