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Heat by Donna Grant

Heat by Donna Grant
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I accepted an ARC copy of Heat and am giving my review freely.

A caveat: my advanced reader’s copy is an unedited proof, there well may be alterations to this novel at the time of publishing.

I believe there is safety enough in the galley copy to say Heat is a turning point for the magical world of the fae, druids, dragons, and humans in Great Britain. The fight of good versus evil has grown into a fraught battle of mythical beings against unassuming humans, and this pits all the Dark Kings against those looking to usurp them. The struggle between the Dark and Light Fae is lining up unseen soldiers behind the veil in a coming war and a new dragon is vying for Con’s throne. Heat highlights the spread and invasiveness of the “gray” area between light and dark, leaving readers on the edge of our seats waiting to see who will be saved, and who will be first to strike.

Our Heat heroine, Esther North is recovering from being the victim of the mysterious Druid who once controlled her and endangered everyone in the manor where the Dragons live. The shadow of dark power that has left blank spots in her memory haunts her every day. Watching the ghost of doubt that shrouds Esther, Nikolai’s powerful visions may be the only way to discover what her missing time and memories hide. Nikolai’s connection to Esther feeds the obsession this Dragon King has for a woman he knows is mate. Can he save her?

That is the ultimate question. Can these two crazy kids get over their hangups and shake off their misgivings and make with their happily-ever-aftering. The time for gathering favors is nearing its end and being a player will weigh a person’s worth and power. There isn’t any room for half-steps on the upcoming epic battleground; winners will celebrate but losses are guaranteed. Nikolai and Esther can have no room for questions–and my personal opinion is that Esther would question the sky being blue and water wet. Nickolai has a lot of work to be done.

Fear not those of us still waiting for Con’s happy ending, there is a rather vague promise that he may not die a martyr. Eh… really vague. Completely veiled threat that it could end terrible. I think I’m going to hold on to a Tinkerbell moment and just believe it is going well for him and hope that is enough to see this dragon through. Really, Donna Grant why you hating on Con?

A fair warning to any new readers interested in Donna Grant’s books, when I read my first Dark Kings novel I felt as if I needed to read the Dark Sword books to understand certain characters introduced. In kind the Dark Sword novels made me feel I was lacking the Dark Warriors background. Normally I am lamenting how a series isn’t integrated with it’s sub-series, Grant is here to nip me in the keister and teach me that there can be far too much integration. It would be best if you consider all her series and novels successive. This title picks up from the previous Dark Kings and mentions characters across the Dark World.

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