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Makin’ The Love Monday – Wicked Magic by Madeline Pryce

Wicked Magic by Madeline PryceI wrote more than half of this review before I realized it was for the wrong book. Meh, my hand is starting to ache and I’m getting tired. Thankfully I have JYJ to distract me. JaeJoong might only way 85lbs but he’s awesome to watch dance. I’m set… kinda, It is 3am and it is Sunday night/morning; I’ve been living the life Kafka described in the Metamorphosis the last six months–do you think I’m ready for anything at anytime these days?

Let me be sure I’m talking about the right book first… just because I lurved Crimson Sins doesn’t mean that every review I do should be about Bastian and Morgan. I will do their book next… especially since I wrote most of the review thinking I was writing this review. But lets get this one under my belt first… hrmmm… I’ve actually only been wearing pajamas for the last six months. Let’s get this one in my PJs. Sounds a little naughty but appropriate.

Sam and Trent are like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Sam has actually been waiting years for Trent to put his chocolate in her peanut butter. Trent’s a little leary about mixing the two great tastes into one delicious bite because he fears that once he does he might never be able to crave any other brand of nutty butter ever again… Plus his father has warned him that sometimes peanut butter becomes an addiction; better to let his brother, Miah have Sam’s smooth sweet spread than let Trent fall for it. He’s struggled to accept that and fight the need to sink his chocolaty sinfulness in her hot melty peanut butter. Forbidden and unrequited love, how sweet, eh?

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