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Book Review: Plague by Victor Methos

Plague by Victor Methos

Title: Plague (Plague Trilogy)
Author: Victor Methos
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sci-fi Medical Thrillers? Sign. Me. Up!

I’m a mega fan of Richard Preston and Michael Crichton. I love all those creepy books and movies where a virus ends the world–and since our planet rests at such a desperately delicate equilibrium presently, an extinction level event might not be bad for Earth to set itself right. I’m ahead of myself though because you don’t know what Plague is about and you need to buy and read this book.

Doctors Sam Bower and Duncan Adams have become ensorcelled into an investigation of an epidemiological runaway train. Annihilation of the human race is closer than most civilians could possibly conceive and trying to outrun this plague could amount to nothing if the wrong people turn wrangling the pathogen into weaponizing it. Can a CDC Agent who is struggling for a break in the patriarchal ruled scientific community and a microbiologist struggling with his own professional identity weather the catastrophic events of Victor Methos’ pageturner the Plague? Continue Reading