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Book It – In News Today: You Need A Need So Insatiable!

A Need So Insatiable Release Day

CeCe Robert rocks socks with this new New Adult/Adult Romance and it is so, so sexy, sizzle, slam dunk in the sheets that it will burn your fingertips while you compulsively turn pages! Sophie and Rafael will quickly become one of your favorite couples and their story will crawl into your dreams–or at least that was my issue last night. You will swoon, pant and fan yourself for this naughty broken hero and want to raise your glass for this kickass heroine! Go buy this new release, you are not allowed to do anything else until you do it! Hey! Where are you goin’?! I said not allowed to do anything else! Get your ass to Amazon!


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Book It – In News Today – Prepare to Be Insatiable!


Cecilia Robert’s long awaited New Adult Romance is due to be released in a short few days. The novel, A Need So Insatiable, is the love story between Sophie Fisher and passionate musician Rafael Van Rees. As Cecilia’s romantic style has attested to in her previous books her love stories are filled with deep devotion and undeniable attraction with a sweetest hint of sorrow to ground the lovers in the realm of here and now. A Need So Insatiable will be a book you will be telling your friends about!

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