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Makin’ The Love Monday – Healing Gabriel by Elizabeth Kelly

Healing Gabriel by Elizabeth KellyGabriel Dern is a grouchy, unhappy, insecure, and lonely man. The accident he had when he was a teen has made the last fifteen years of his life years that were spent exiled from the community his sister wants him to be part of. He can stay home and feel less alone than he does when he joins the real world and people begin to stare and whisper the word “freak” behind their hands. He likes being by himself on his farm. So when his sister, Lacey, interferes and moves a stranger into the guest house not only is it beyond what he can tolerate, but the new tenants pretty face, easy going, clumsy as all hell personality keeps drawing him to her like she’s candy and he has a sweet tooth. And Gabe already has scars; he doesn’t need cavities.

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Word Slinger Project

Weekly Indie Word Slinger – Elizabeth Kelly


As anyone who might be following this Word Slinger Project might have taken note I have had to take a short break while I suffered a never ending bout of the flu. The bug pretty well took my hiney down. Luckily, both Elizabeth and follow Slinger, Khalid Muhammad stuck with me while their reviews, interviews and profiles literally hung in virtual cyberspace. Thanks oodles Elizabeth for being a complete trooper through my weakened state… I was just becoming a lycan. =)

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