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Book It – In News Today: Sign-up Now! CeCe Osgood Offers The Divorced Not Dead Workshop at Reduced Rate!


Do you need help de-suckifying a few guys you’ve dated? Maybe a few men you would like to date and you want to have a guarantee they won’t suck? Or maybe de-suckifying your own love life a little? CeCe Osgood has a sweet deal to make The Divorced Not Dead Workshop more kindly for your budget for the next week. From July 8 -14, 2014 The Divorced Not Dead Workshop will be on sale at Amazon for only 99¢. Where else can you get a cruise self-improvement workshop for such a low price at this time of year? Thanks, CeCe!


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Book It – In News Today: Jeffrey Perren’s Cossacks in Paris Giveaway Ends April 20th!

Cossacks in Paris - Jeffrey PerrenJeffrey Perrin’s Goodreads giveaway for his novel Cossack in Paris ends on April 20, 2014, time is running out for you to enter your name to win a copy of this exciting historical fiction! Only one copy is available in this fantastic giveaway so be sure to take advantage of this chance to snag it while you can.


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Weekly Indie Word Slinger – Elizabeth Kelly


As anyone who might be following this Word Slinger Project might have taken note I have had to take a short break while I suffered a never ending bout of the flu. The bug pretty well took my hiney down. Luckily, both Elizabeth and follow Slinger, Khalid Muhammad stuck with me while their reviews, interviews and profiles literally hung in virtual cyberspace. Thanks oodles Elizabeth for being a complete trooper through my weakened state… I was just becoming a lycan. =)

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Book It – In News Today: Elizabeth Kelly Reveals Dark Moon Cover

Dark Moon - Elizabeth Kelly Cover RevealElizabeth Kelly has revealed the cover to her new Red Moon Second Generation novel, Dark Moon, along with it’s synopsis. The novel, which tells the story of Sophia–Tristan’s natural daughter who was adopted by Avery–and her mate Kadan who is brother to James’ mate Bree; keeping it all in the ever growing Williams pack. This promises to be a really great angsty love story since we all know from Red Moon Rising that Kadan is a big ol’ hater of lycans and yet he didn’t let that bother him too much when he let Sophia ride his horse. –Note: There truly is no euphemism there. Expected release date is May 2014. Continue Reading

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Tongue Wagger – Anatomy by Simon Travers

Anatomy Front CoverThis Tongue Wagger comes from this week’s Word Slinger, Simon Travers. I fear that my poetry critiquing may be fearfully lacking so I will stick solely to the content of Simon’s poetry collection. It’s been fifteen years since I took my poetry course at Penn State University. Mr. Perrone taught me a great deal about poetry as well as writing it– along with writing for business, creative, technical and journalism. He told me to remember a lot of things and the only points that stick out from the many courses I took with him are: how to write a business letter, that knowing Shakespeare might be the difference in getting a job and not getting one, the proper methods of critiquing beyond preference and that when interviewing anyone it is better for both parties if you talk about things that the interviewee feel invested in and that they love. All that other stuff… it went on mental dump. I do remember often wondering if he spent a lot of time in the morning getting his hair to look like it did each day too, but he didn’t teach me that. Sadly, for Simon… my memory of stylistics in poetry fails me. But I do know what I like.

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Weekend Pick Me Up – The Divorced Not Dead Workshop by CeCe Osgood

TDNDW-strokeThis rom-com novel is written by this Weekly Indie Word Slinger–CeCe Osgood. The Divorced Not Dead Workshop is a humorous and insightful look at the weary world of the divorced yet hopeful heart. Considering that 50% of marriages in America end in the marriage crapper this book is not only relevant but more than likely easily relatable for many. If only more of us were inspired by alcohol to have ideas for workshops to de-suckify men instead of keying their cars and slinging eggs at their houses. I guess this is what separate the women from the girls doing community service–of course I’ve never hid from an ex under a table at the market, Ms. Bing.

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Weekend Pick Me Up – Surviving The Fog by Stan Morris

FogSometimes you get a book or one is recommended to you and you read the synopsis and you cringe and you just don’t want to tell the person that–“No, this book just really is not for me. Thanks, anyway.” You probably feel guilty or pained because it means a lot to the person and it really would make them happy for you to show an interest in the thing that they enjoy, but try as you might, you just can’t imagine this book in your lifetime, or for that fact, the next one either. This book had no true blaring faults when I read the synopsis, but when I read it I worried I might be having that feeling because it would be a “boy-centric” Sci-fi. BUT I WAS WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! It was sort of “boy-centric”story but I totally got into this book and loved it hard.

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Weekly Indie Word Slinger Project 2014


As a little girl I never had any other dreams other than to one day be an author. Reading was something I began doing fairly young and I wrote little stories that popped up here and there in grade school. There was a small story about a duck that I my mom kept from a Spring Story Collection in third grade that might have been inspired but sadly lacked coherence. Let’s say I won’t be publishing it anywhere.

I came up with the Weekly Indie Word Slinger Project after doing a good deal of research for publishing my own novels. The amount of work involved sounded daunting, but when I looked at the forum discussions of people who had literary agents shopping the big six and those who were dealing with marketing people it left a terrible taste in my mouth. It didn’t sit well with me that someone could tell me to change my story to make it more palatable. It might make me sound narcissistic or inflexible but I write my stories the way I want them read. I don’t want someone telling me to change them to suit them. Not to mention that I don’t necessarily write with the intention to rake in the bottlecaps, I do it because I love it. I dream in full plots and I wake up writing down characters names and snippets of dialogue and settings. I feel passionate about it. It’s what I love. I don’t want someone telling me how they want me to write.

Knowing how I felt and looking at all the information out there about the process of Indie publishing it struck me that while many weren’t in the same mind set, there were others out there who did feel like I did. That is when Weekly Indie Word Slinger Project began to take form in my head.

Many of the emails coming in my inbox about the Word Slinger Project are from authors who are timidly asking me if I would consider them for Word Slinger or if their book might be acceptable for a review by me. It’s a surreal feeling that comes over me to get these emails. It’s never a hardship for me to read someone’s books even though I might at times get bogged down with ARCs.  Word Slinger isn’t an exclusive club, other than the fact that I’m looking for self publishing authors, this project is open to any Indie author and the invitation has no other exceptions. I don’t want anyone to ever feel that when the approach me that they risk the chance of refusal because of the genre of their book, the length, subject, style or time/date published. The concept of Word Slinger Project is along the lines of: “No one will ever be cold, lonely or hungry in my house.” It may sound as if I am being incredibly generous but this is a selfish endeavor a the very heart, I feel as if I am supporting something that I will soon be deep in the center of ; In no time at all my books will also be self-published just like the authors who are emailing me to be a Word Slinger and review books.

The Weekly Indie Word Slinger Project isn’t just my thing, at least that isn’t how I see it. I see it as a community effort and I have hopes that this will be something that will spread by word of mouth or trend in some small way through Indie Book circles. I hope to Holy Hannah that when I make a profile the author isn’t on the other side nodding their head with a thanks thinking it’s done and expecting me to do all the pushing and for me to make them some sort of Indie author star. I hit the big four-oh this past year and I grew up in the DIY punk movement twenty years ago and I did the Zine thing where I travelled the country and met bands, interviewed and photographed them and promoted myself and bands. I come from that background. I believe that we are stronger together than we are when we are standing out there all by ourselves.

My hopes are that this is the beginning of something that builds into a network or resource for not only Word Slingers but any Indie author in need after it’s found some hold. –That might be 2015. It might be 2016. I don’t think we will run out of Indie authors.

I’ve made two badges for those who are interested in supporting the Weekly Indie Word Slinger Project on their websites, blogs and social media sites. I’m providing the images and html codes below. If you plug the html code into your editor the badge or banner will show up with a link to this page. Thanks for your interest, participation and support in this years Word Slinger Project and All The Things Inbetween blog, I deeply appreciate your emails, likes, follows, and shares.

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If you are an Indie author and you would like to be part of the All The Things Inbetween Weekly Indie Word Slinger Project 2014. I’d love to hear from you! Contact me via email after reading the details in my Just The Facts, Ma’am post and we will get you scheduled for your own Word Slinger profile.

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