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Word Slinger Project Author Update: Khalid Muhammad

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I got the chance to check in with Khalid Muhammad recently and got the skinny on what is coming up for him and the new book. This was supposed to be posted last month but I moved and the Giveaway I wanted to do with it got put on hold. So now you get the better deal because I can up the booty (that sounds weird) and offer you FIVE copies of Agency Rules: Never An Easy Day At The Office. That is better loot than I will be getting for my birthday tomorrow. Please read this interview slowly because it took me almost a month to put it together.
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Weekly Indie Word Slinger – A.J. Bennett

Word-Slinger-Banner This is the first Word Slinger I’ve done in a very long time and A.J. has been wonderfully patient in my delays. I discovered A.J. when I downloaded her novel Unintentional Virgin and I loved her characters and couldn’t wait to read more of her novels. She blew me away when I found her writing to be incredibly varied and her next two novels to be worlds different; showing her ability to write with an incredible amount of depth and understanding about the human condition. You may find yourself with whiplash moving between her first novel to her second and third books, but the ability for an author to be so versatile is amazing, whether or not it’s your taste. Please, come and meet this Indie Word Slinger! May I introduce, Ms. A.J. Bennett. Blog-Separater2 Continue Reading

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Book It – In News Today: Sign-up Now! CeCe Osgood Offers The Divorced Not Dead Workshop at Reduced Rate!


Do you need help de-suckifying a few guys you’ve dated? Maybe a few men you would like to date and you want to have a guarantee they won’t suck? Or maybe de-suckifying your own love life a little? CeCe Osgood has a sweet deal to make The Divorced Not Dead Workshop more kindly for your budget for the next week. From July 8 -14, 2014 The Divorced Not Dead Workshop will be on sale at Amazon for only 99¢. Where else can you get a cruise self-improvement workshop for such a low price at this time of year? Thanks, CeCe!


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Book It – In News Today: Jeffrey Perren’s Cossacks in Paris Giveaway Ends April 20th!

Cossacks in Paris - Jeffrey PerrenJeffrey Perrin’s Goodreads giveaway for his novel Cossack in Paris ends on April 20, 2014, time is running out for you to enter your name to win a copy of this exciting historical fiction! Only one copy is available in this fantastic giveaway so be sure to take advantage of this chance to snag it while you can.


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Makin’ The Love Monday – Healing Gabriel by Elizabeth Kelly

Healing Gabriel by Elizabeth KellyGabriel Dern is a grouchy, unhappy, insecure, and lonely man. The accident he had when he was a teen has made the last fifteen years of his life years that were spent exiled from the community his sister wants him to be part of. He can stay home and feel less alone than he does when he joins the real world and people begin to stare and whisper the word “freak” behind their hands. He likes being by himself on his farm. So when his sister, Lacey, interferes and moves a stranger into the guest house not only is it beyond what he can tolerate, but the new tenants pretty face, easy going, clumsy as all hell personality keeps drawing him to her like she’s candy and he has a sweet tooth. And Gabe already has scars; he doesn’t need cavities.

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Weekly Indie Word Slinger – Khalid Muhammad


Khalid Muhammad has been one of the most understanding and compassionate men throughout my illness. For the last two months while I’ve been barely limping along he has been the definition of patience while this interview and the companion review were delayed. Agency Rules is a phenomenal read and this interview is one of my most favorite interviews I’ve ever done. Thank you, Khalid! You have my most sincere gratitude for your kindness and the chance to do such an incredible interview!

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Tongue Wagger – Agency Rules – Never An Easy Day At The Office by Khalid Muhammad

Agency Rules Updated Cover 01:19

I don’t generally go too far afield of the genres I self medicate with and it means I miss out on thousands of truly incredible novels. I think the truly ironic thing about my narrow reading choices is that when I watch Netflix–and this is very rarely done–all I ever watch is action movies, crime shows and true crime shows about murderers and people who get beefed. I have the scariest Joss Whedonesque morbid enjoyment of a good death than most people could even conceive. So it’s rather chuckle-able that when I am reading it’s all hot breathing, skin against skin, and flowers and chocolates.

When Khalid Muhammad sent me his message to be part of Word Slinger Project I was thirsty to read his book but unsure as to how I would feel about it… I shouldn’t have been. I should have been worried about how much money I’d be pouring into Amazon looking for another lethal Kamal.

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Tongue Wagger – Red Moon Rising by Elizabeth Kelly

RMR_667x1000If this were a TV show they would say this is the spin-off series from the original book Red Moon. Red Moon is about Avery and Tristan… let’s take just a moment to wipe our chins and settle our fluttering hearts and possibly fluttering loins at the very thought of Tristan Williams. I know that he is still giving me an afterglow even though it has been months since I got to read his sweaty doings. Phew!!! Goodness me, Elizabeth… how do you keep yourself from developing a huge ego knowing that you created such loveliness? If I were you I would just sit alone with my imaginary friends all day long and preen at my clever, naughty mind and the men it creates.

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